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Being vision impaired does not preclude me from having a thriving life.

by Clare Kennelly on 05-01-2021

Here is a contribution by a 16-year old Transition Year Irish student with vision impairment.


Many people are surprised to hear I am vision impaired when they see all my achievements. I have heard more and more in my life “you can't be visually impaired-you did this or you did that”.

Well, I’m going to put the facts straight here.

Visual Impairment is not who I am.

It does not stop me from doing anything.

I can achieve what I want and attain my dreams.

Think of an amputee for example. They can still drive a car just with special adjustments to the car.

Of course, being visually impaired I cannot drive a car, but I can still get to the location I want to by taking the bus, a taxi or train.

Technology is a game changer.  Embrace it. I cannot stress this enough. It's the 21st century. This is a part of your everyday life and my everyday life. Being visually impaired, using tech, from taking a photo of a menu to choose what to order or using the magnifier to read a bus sign.

So please stop with the ableism and the stereotypes. I can do it. Maybe not as easy and the same way as you do but I will find a way. All it takes is some determination.

So please stop assuming what I can and cannot do and ask me.