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Disability Awareness Equality Training

"Clare Kennelly has tailored and delivered Disability Awareness Training to our teams. While the initial training was site based, Clare has subsequently delivered the content through Zoom meetings. These sessions focus on Disabilty Awareness, Mental Health and Neurodiversity and have been adjusted to account for the impact that Covid 19 has on all of us. A great addition to any organisation looking to change the dial on Disability in the workplace." 

Aidan O' Brien, Operations Manager at Janssen Biologics


TRAINING MENU *All courses delivered virtually

Course 1.  Disability Confident course is suitable for public, private and voluntary organisations.

Ensure your managers/staff are confident interacting with disabled employees, customers, service users and colleagues.  This course covers: disability etiquette, language, legislation, awareness, unconscious bias and empathy training.

*Private Sector only (90% of training costs covered by DASS grant from DSP).

Learner Outcomes

  • Explore the importance of disability awareness to your organisation.
  • Define disability in the 21st century.
  • Empower ERGs, DEI leads and understand the diversity of disability and intersectionality.
  • Promote allyship for supporting disabled employees, customers and colleagues.

Trainer:  Clare Kennelly from Inclusive World Training

Number of participants:  Flexible

Duration: 1 hour


Course 2.  Disability Smart Workplaces

This training develops supportive, inclusive workplaces and helps you recruit and retain diverse talent.

Learner Outcomes

  • Audit recruitment policies.
  • Build inclusive culture through Universal Design.
  • Explore assistive technology.
  • Develop inclusive processes and strategies.
  • Navigate public grant supports.

Trainer:  Clare Kennelly from Inclusive World Training

Number of participants:  10-15

Duration: 60-90 minutes -Interactive


Course 3.  Inclusive Leadership

This master class is unique, experiential Disability and Inclusion training.  Topics explored:

Unconscious bias, case studies, intersectionality, culture, privilege, assistive technology, develop inclusive processes and strategies.

Inclusive Leadership changes the disability narrative and fosters cultures that allow diversity to succeed.   

Trainer:  Clare Kennelly from Inclusive World Training

Number of participants:  6-10

Duration: 60-90 minutes -Interactive


Inclusive World Training offers a broad range of Workshops by collaborating with subject matter experts. See below.

Course 4.  Neurodiversity and Autism Awareness

Strategies and supports for parents/guardians, the community and the workplace

Trainer:  Sharon McCarthy from Autism Journeys

Number of participants:  Flexible

Duration: 1 hour


Course 5. Mental Health Awareness

Promoting allyship and removing stigma in the workplace

Trainer:  Da Silly Heads Da Silly Heads - Putting a Face on Mental Health

Number of participants:  35 max.

Duration: 1 hour


Course 6.  Temporary Disability

Understanding Lower Back Pain in the Workplace

Trainer:  Kieran O’ Sullivan.  Kieran is a physiotherapist and educator.

Number of participants:  Flexible

Duration: 1 hour


Course 7.  Resilience Workshop

Empowering all employees in uncertain times

Trainer:  Nicole Ryan

Number of participants:  Flexible

Duration: 1 hour


Course 8.  Inclusive Intercultural Communication

Supporting multi-lingual, multi-cultural and inclusive teams

Trainer:  Mary Looby English For Professionals – English For Professionals (

Number of participants:  6-10

Duration: 90 minutes - interactive


All training packages are universally designed. Training is available off-site with a range of methodologies:

  • E-learning, Zoom/Teams, E-Workshops, Webinar,  Podcasts, Presentations, Perceptual/Empathy training.

Grant assistance (Disability Awareness courses) is available for Private sector training.

  • Disability Awareness Support Scheme (DASS). This grant is available from the Department of Social Protection (DSP). A maximum of €20,000 is available to employers in the private sector.


*NEW for Organisations*

Become a Confident Mentor for Graduates and Students with disabilities

Contact for more information


Other Business Disability Inclusion Programmes

  • Talent Acquisition Training
  • Human Resources Training
  • Access Officer Training
  • Disclosure Training
  • CSR Training 
  • Supporting ERGs
  • Supporting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion leaders
  • Executive leadership mentoring
  • Grant navigation: Wage Subsidy Scheme, DASS, WEAG from DSP Home (

Community Consulting and Support

Students, Parents and Guardians

  • Career exploration for disabled students and graduates
  • Transition year programme for disabled students
  • Work Experience
  • Reverse Mentorship
  • DARE support.  Dare – College (
  • Grant navigation.